A Few Facts On Planting Onion Sets
Onion seeds

A Few Facts On Planting Onion Sets

Many gardeners want to learn how to gather onion seeds for next year's planting. However, harvesting large amounts of fresh onion seeds at once can be a messy and time-consuming process. If you plan on harvesting a large amount of onions this summer, you will want to plan ahead and learn a little about the best way to do it. Harvesting onion seeds properly is a fairly easy procedure, but here are some things you should always remember.

Make sure you collect your bulbs in early spring. Early spring is the perfect time to harvest onion seeds because the earlier they are planted, the better. You can harvest these bulbs when they are still wet and green. One method is to hold them upside down in a tray and move them around every so often. This ensures that they get moist as soon as possible.

You can also harvest your onions in early spring by hand, just make sure you have a face mask and gloves. When you do get your onion sets planted, make sure that they are planted in a very warm, sunny spot. Although you can plant your bulbs in a shaded area during the winter, but that can affect the taste and growth of the plants.

There are two methods to using these bulbs for planting onion seeds. The first way is called stem breakage and the other way is called growing in a shaded area. Both of these methods work, but the best way to grow these bulbs is to use a combination of both. Most gardeners prefer to use a stem-breaking approach for small bulbs, because they tend to be smaller and hence easier to harvest.

If you are going to grow your bulbs in a shaded area, it is essential that you cover the area with something, to ensure that the soil does not dry out. It can be a plastic bag or a tarp, hanging it over the area where you are planting. This will help protect the bulb from dry conditions. However, if you are going to use a plastic bag, make sure that you take it to a dry place when it is time to harvest. This is because the moisture content of the bag may reduce the lifespan of the seed.

If you are planting your onion seeds in potting soil, it is important that you water your seedlings properly. Take care not to over water. Just lightly mist the soil around the seedlings to help them grow healthy. Also, do keep an eye on the weather. In hot months, it is wise to move your seedlings indoors to prevent them from getting heat-enriched.

One of the most difficult tasks for new gardeners to overcome is sowing their own garden onions. Sowing them is easy however; they do get easily stressed and die if they are not given enough space to grow. For this reason, it is important that you allow room for them to grow as they are being planted. You can also have your gardeners help you in planning the layout and spacing of your garden. Do try to keep it simple by only putting enough beds so that there is enough room to get the plant growing. Make sure to give your gardener's plenty of watering so that their seedlings will have enough food during their first year.

Knowing the proper planting techniques for your selected varieties can also be a big factor in helping you grow these premium seeds. Do not plant your onion seeds close together if you do not want them to have a healthier harvest. When you are planting them, make sure that you do not plant the same type of variety too close together. Some varieties do go well together but each one will yield different results.