A Guide to Buying Wholesale Lillians
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A Guide to Buying Wholesale Lillians

Lillianas, or Lilliana, is the popular name for a common tomato plant, which is also known as the "turnips tomato". It grows best in southern regions of the United States and it is a very hardy plant. In its native habitat, the Lilliana can survive droughts and temperatures as low as -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Wholesale Lillians can be purchased from reputable wholesale dealers who offer quality seeds for wholesale prices. There are many different varieties of Lillians, all of which have their own unique uses in the kitchen.

Wholesale Lillians are easy to grow and yield good results if given adequate care. Many people grow them in containers to save money on indoor gardening supplies. When purchasing wholesale Lillians at wholesale prices, you will find that most are large and contain several different varieties of tomatoes. Some of these varieties can be used to make tomato paste, and others can be eaten raw. If you grow your Lillians yourself and save money on the seeds, you can then purchase a compost mixture and use it to create an organic fertilizer that is beneficial to the soil and your plants. Many gardeners choose to use a compost mix with Bentonite clay to add iron and zinc to the soil.

The price of wholesale Lillians varies according to the variety of the variety that is being purchased. While they may cost more than traditional grocery-store tomatoes, wholesale prices are still quite reasonable compared to the price of bulk produce at retail stores. Many wholesale dealers also give customers the option of growing their own tomatoes and can ship them fresh to any location in the United States. Wholesale Lillians can be purchased in both wet and dry forms, which allows the grower to control the moisture level of the soil. Dry seeds are packaged in glass jars, which makes it easier for the customer to store the plant in a dry location.

When purchasing wholesale Lillians, be sure to inspect the variety that you are interested in buying. Many wholesale dealers will offer different varieties to choose from, but some of the most popular include Bell Plant, Butterfly, Bitter Apple, Blue, Cherry, Cocklebur, Diamond, Durable, Finch, Gala, Great Tangerine, Lawn Mower, Melon, Neon, Pear, Pink, Red, Snow, Spirea, Sunlight Tangerine and Viburnum. If you are looking for a variety of tomatoes, check out the list of wholesale Lillians listed above. Some of them may be priced a little higher than others, but all are very easy to grow. Once you purchase your wholesale Lillians, don't forget to inquire about getting some tips and information about growing Lillians in your area. Many wholesale dealers give out gardening books and other information to customers who are interested in growing their own vegetables.

There are many ways to save money on Lillians and buy wholesale Lillians online. One of the most popular ways to save money when buying wholesale Lillians is to buy in bulk. Many wholesale dealers will sell Lillians in three, six or twelve packs at a lower price than purchasing individually. Saving money on Lillians seeds and planting time will allow you to have Lillians to harvest when you need them and save money in the process.

While the Lillian varieties that are sold in the wholesale market are typically more expensive than the seeds available from local nurseries, they do provide an excellent source of fresh tasting tomato plants. While it is possible to grow yellow tomato seeds at home, most people do not have the time or patience needed to successfully grow this variety at home. For this reason, many gardeners choose to buy wholesale Lillians. Wholesale Lillians can be purchased for a lower price, allowing gardeners to grow a larger selection of tomatoes in a smaller space.

Wholesale Lillians do require a bit of care. They will require consistent watering and the occasional cleaning out of the root system. This variety is sensitive to high temperatures and should be planted in an area that stays well ventilated and does not get very hot during the day. It also is a good idea to plant Lillians in partial shade as well. Lillians do well in containers.

Wholesale Lillians can be found at most garden centers, farm supply warehouses, and large chain stores. Yellow tomato seeds are widely available at nursery stores as well. Buying wholesale Lillians can help gardeners save money and grow a more abundant yield.