All About Wholesale German Lunchbox Tomato Seeds

Wholesale German Lunchbox Tomato Seeds can be one of the most expensive and difficult varieties to locate. The majority of seeds on the market come from 'green', high producing breeds such as the African Moringa or the African Hoodia. These varieties are high yielding but very expensive. With an average yield of only 75 tomatoes per acre, this translates into very expensive food.

The African Moringa is native to the Kalahari Desert. It is a hardy evergreen tree that produces large, reddish fruits. These fruits are larger than normal tomatoes, with a sweeter flavor. Some African Moringa varieties have even been used to develop high-quality gourmet sauces. Due to their heat tolerance and resistance to the African sun, Moringas are commonly found growing in warmer climates such as Southern California, Argentina and Brazil. They are tolerant of high temperatures and do not burn easily, making them a good choice for tropical gardens.

The African hoodia variety is another common variety used for gourmet cooking and in gourmet wine production. Like African Moringa, they grow well in hot, tropical areas but are also somewhat sensitive to frost. Because of their thick skin and wood-like veins, hoodia tomato seeds do well in climates that are cooler or with some frost.

Some seeds are more desirable than others for certain climates and gardening techniques. Sativa or rocket is one of these more desirable varieties. These are typically found in warmer areas such as Southern California and Arizona. Seeds need to be sown in a potting mix in order to germinate and produce large tomatoes. Once sown, the plants should be kept in sunny conditions. This variety tends to flower more than other varieties and thus is most often used in gardeners' markets.

Another popular variety is Eragrostis. They tend to grow quite quickly so seedlings can be seen within weeks after planting. Eragrostis normally flower in the late summer months but can also be found in the late winter months. Typically, Eragrostis seeds should be sown in a thick blend mix because they are not very cold resistant. They will tolerate some frost but it is better to let the seeds mature before planting in the ground so that they will not turn brown.

Fusco happens to be the most cold resistant of all tomato varieties. It will still grow even in the colder months, if you allow it time to get comfortable. The downside to fusco is that the fruit does not taste very good at all. Fusco seeds should be sown in a thick soil mix and they will usually flower in the early spring. This type of tomato will reward you with big tomatoes full of flavor.

Cultivated at home, Endive is the most popular variety. It comes in a sweeter variety but has a firm structure and small seeds. This particular variety prefers a warmer climate so planting from seed will be an issue. Once established, Endive will take over quite nicely throughout the year. Since Endives do not like freezing or being exposed to cold temperatures, be sure to plant them in a protective covering until the final frost.

As mentioned before, these are just some of the more popular varieties. If you are in need of some assistance with finding the best German tomatoes then do not be afraid to ask a local farmer. Most farmers are more than willing to share their knowledge with a new customer. Remember that anyone can make a mistake so purchasing from an experienced grower ensures that the crop you get is of the highest quality. Wholesale German lunchbox tomato seeds can be purchased online at many different sources. In no time at all you could be enjoying the fruits of your labor.