Benefits of Growing Oriental Greens

Tsoo Simmonds (Oriental Type) Chinese Green usually used in soups, stir fry's and salads. Lumpy slimy leaves on round flowering stalk with golden coloured flowers like Italian parsley. Sow within early spring. Your Oriental greens grows very quickly, so harvesting should be quick. harvest at the peak of the season.

Seed Sheller's Mustard Greens (Mustard Type) Mustard is a mild root crop. It has a smoky flavor and grayish green leaves with yellow flowers. This perennial herb starts to flower in spring. Shield and Shrub are the commonly known species. Seed Sheller's seeds should be composted.

Seed Ounce Buddha Grass (Ounce Type) Buddha Grass is a deciduous grass, hardy in hot climates and needs nitrogen. Usually mowed often to maintain a short height. Seed Ounce Buddha Grass can be used in place of regular grass when you have a lawn. It will provide healthy grass for the flower beds. This perennial is easy to grow, but produces little foliage.

Seed Tube Hazelnut Greens is a hardy perennial that produces a large and fertile bed of tulips and daffodils. The tubers produce new shoots like daffodils that form a carpet of tulips in bedding layers. Harvested early. This plant reproduces well. Root bulb can be used as an ornamental garden flower.

Seed Pearlweed Papaver somniferum(P. somniferum) Used as a weed and ornamental grass in lawns. Attractive grey-green leaves form a carpet with pink flowers like lilies. The flowers open up to show white pungent pods. Harvested late winter.

Seed Scorpion Powder Chinese Yaupon Papaver somniferum(CYP) Also known as Pearlweeds. The pod is a multicolored powder. It may be dried and used as an insecticide. It is considered a weed and is best harvested while blooming. Seed can be stored for later use

Seed Wheatgrass is an annual grass. To harvest it, first remove the uppermost frosts. Then remove the dead grass on the bottom. Harvest about four to six leaves at a time, because each individual leaf will germinate within eight to ten hours. Use the remaining leaves like a salad.

Seeds should be planted in rows about six inches apart. In addition, the seeds should be planted on the shaded side of the house to prevent sunburn. Once established, water well and monitor growing conditions regularly, keeping seedlings under control.

Seedlings should be sold as quickly as possible. They are more susceptible to disease in hot, sunny areas. Be sure to remove any decaying or dying roots on the plant. Remove any damaged roots and remove any over-ripe fruits.

Seedless White Flowers is available throughout the year. These show up in March. They are tiny white flowers that only bloom for one season. This species requires no maintenance.

Oriental Grasses are usually used in Southern China, Korea and Japan. They are native to these areas, but now they are popular all over the world. The most familiar name is ma Huang. The plant is a perennial grass. It has alternate leaves.

Seedless Red Teas is not a new entry into the market. This tea has been around for centuries. You will usually find the leaves of this plant lying on the garden table.

The best way to grow this plant is in partial shade or an area with low moisture. Watering is very important to the growth of the plant. Do not allow the soil to become too dry. Try mulching the area around the plant to help keep the soil damp.

Traditionally, the leaves are used as medicine. However, the herb has been known to be used as a food source as well. Some varieties can be found in Chinese markets. Others are grown commercially in North America. It is grown for its foliage and seeds not for medicinal purposes.

Oriental Greens Seeds are sold at your local nursery or seed store. They can be found in your local grocery stores in the Asian aisle. Seeds can be planted in a variety of locations. Plant them in the fall after harvesting.

When shopping for Oriental greens seeds, check the seeds out for accuracy. If you find a reputable company, the seeds will be packaged in proper packaging and will be accompanied by detailed information about the species they are for sale. Be sure to ask questions about the germination process and if there are any other steps necessary for planting. This is the best way to ensure you get the highest quality product. Make sure the company you purchase from is licensed to sell the seeds. The National Organic Program and the United States Department of Agriculture both prohibit the planting and sale of non-natural, chemical-based pesticides.