Bulk Coriander Powder – Great For Your Health
bulk Coriandrum sativum seeds

Bulk Coriander Powder - Great For Your Health

Coriander powder is one of the most popular ingredients in Indian cooking. It is a staple herb in many Indian diets. However, bulk production of Coriander seeds has made it a pricey commodity. Fortunately, there are alternate ways to enjoy the same taste, using bulk herbs such as the ones in Coriander powder.

You can make bulk Coriander powder by grinding fresh pods of Coriander leaves and stems together. The seeds and the roots of this perennial herb can be left in a room temperature covered glass jar with a tight lid for five days. This mixture can then be refrigerated or freeze dried, according to your tastes. Once this mixture has been allowed to settle, it can then be used to flavor baked dishes. It adds a unique flavor to foods such as cookies, cakes, biscuits and fish sauce.

To use the powder as a seasoning, add about a teaspoonful to a light saucepan. Heat the mixture until it starts to simmer. Add the seeds and let them cook for about five minutes. The heat from the saucepan should be enough to steam the seeds out of the powder. Let the powder cool slightly and strain into a container. The powder can then be used in the same way as the bulk spice.

Bulk Coriander powder can also be used to season non-perfumed teas. The flavor of the tea will remain, however, after the tea has been brewed and served. When the liquid finishes brewing, strain the powder into another container, fill with ice and ship to a friend or family member. They will be delighted at the wonderful new flavor. In fact, they may come back for more!

Bulk Coriander Powder can also be added to marinades and spreads for delicious Indian cuisine. Heat some oil in a small frying pan and add the powder. Allow the powder to warm slightly before adding to the marinade. It will prevent the flavors from sharpening up while the marinade is being used. This makes a wonderful alternative to using Cayenne pepper flakes.

Coriander is well known for its ability to alleviate coughs, colds, flu and stomachaches. Adding bulk Coriander to salads can provide a delightful dressing to the greens. It also adds an intense, warm flavor to the salad. Coriander may be mixed with other herbs to make a natural cough syrup that can be used instead of the sugar found in most products.

With its intense flavor and freshness, Coriander makes an excellent addition to marinades, stir fries and even hot dogs. It pairs easily with garlic, onions and soy sauce for an easy to make dip. Coriander is also excellent for creating spice racks for the grilling process. Sprinkle it onto the coals before you place your first piece on the grill and watch it slowly tenderizing in the hot coals.

When shopping for bulk Coriander, be sure to purchase it from a reputable source that uses high quality ingredients. Look for a company that offers a variety of bulk herbs to meet the cooking needs of chefs and cooks alike. The company that you purchase your bulk Coriander from should be able to offer you excellent customer service, knowledgeable assistance and prompt delivery. By taking the time to find the best bulk supplier, you'll be able to enjoy the rich flavor of Coriander for many years to come.

The use of Coriander is not limited to cooking. Its use as a salt is versatile, as well. When mixed with olive oil for added flavor to salads and pasta sauces, or using it as a seasoning for meats and vegetables, the unique and intense flavor of Coriander can add even more dimension. The value of this spice cannot be underestimated. One third of the total amount of the harvest is used each year for the manufacture of bulk amounts of the salt. It is a product that is excellent for the health of people and animals, for the enjoyment of their families, friends and for the promotion of good health awareness.

By purchasing and bulk buying Coriander, not only are you providing yourself with a valuable resource, but you're also helping the world stay healthy. Each year, huge quantities of this unique spice go into the hands of cooks and restaurants in order to provide the salt for the dishes they prepare. The health benefits and monetary values of this resource are many.

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