Climber French Beans – How to Grow and Harvest French Beans

Climbing French beans seeds are very easy to sprout. They are also very small and pretty. They are named because of their climbing habit. They will grow up to six or more inches tall with purple flowers.

Climbing French beans seeds

You can buy seeds at almost any gardening store. You'll probably find that the ones you are buying are very little and purple. This isn't what you want. French beans are actually a member of the legume family, so they should be treated with some care. They are very forgiving species, but that doesn't mean you can't be a bit stubborn. Just remember that climbing French beans require a lot more warmth than other beans.

To sprout your Climbing French beans, you'll want to sow them just as you would any other bean seed pod. Sow them in some potting soil in the same way that you would seeds for other types of bean. Just make sure that you know which variety you are planting first and you have the correct amount of water. French beans do not like a lot of water. So be sure you only put the amount of water needed to make them flourish.

The easiest way to get seeds started is by purchasing a bean pod. The process of planting seeds in this manner is the same as with seeds for other plants. You just follow the same steps and you'll get plants. When you purchase a pod at a store, be sure you inspect the package carefully. Some seed packages won't tell you how large of a seed pod you are getting.

Once you've found the proper climber French beans seed pod, you need to remove the protective cover on the seed package. This will allow the seeds to get some air. Next you want to put the seed pod into your garden. You can buy seeds in different colors and kinds. The more colors and kinds the better, but keep in mind how much light your area will receive and what the climate is where you live.

Now you just need to wait for the beans to germinate and start growing. You should check your climber French beans seeds every couple of weeks, but don't be concerned if they don't germinate right away. They will usually germinate in about a week's time.

Be careful when you are transplanting your Climber French beans seeds. You want to make sure they don't touch any of the other beans growing nearby. Make sure your seedlings don't touch the sides of other vegetable crops. They can cross-pollinate with other plants and that would hurt them. If you're growing lettuce or other greens in your garden, it would be a good idea not to cross-pollute them.

Climber French beans are extremely easy to grow. It will take about six weeks before they're fully grown. The climber needs a lot of sunlight and warmth. In addition, you'll need to water often during their growing season, but don't worry about it. The soil won't dry out.

Keep in mind that this plant doesn't spread very easily. It takes a lot of space, so be sure you've picked the right spot for it. They do well in containers, but as a houseplant, it'll need a lot of soil and lots of direct sunlight. Make sure you don't place it in a potting bench that has drainage holes.

If you're looking to grow Climber French beans as a garden crop, it's important that you follow the steps in this article. Your planting location needs to be relatively warm, dry and should receive at least six hours of sunlight. It's also a good idea to pick a spot that receives a lot of shade. These plants are extremely prone to blight and other diseases if they aren't given enough room. If you want to grow Climber French beans successfully, these are some important steps to take:

Planting - To start planting your climber French beans seeds, select a spot in your garden that gets indirect but constant sunlight. It's best if you plant it in partial sun, but make sure that it does get more than six hours. If you're growing your beans indoors, be sure that they're in a sunny window or area with indirect light. When the weather conditions change, you can move the plant to a different location.

Growing - Now that you know the conditions to consider for your Climber French beans, they're easy to start and grow. They're best planted in the late summer or early fall months when the ground is warm, moist and has plenty of sunlight. As long as you provide an ample amount of water, you can expect your climber French beans seeds to produce a nice harvest each season. Harvest the beans as they turn black and brown. Keep them covered and away from insects until they begin to turn black and ripe.