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Aristea ecklonii - Blue Stars Iris


This rare African iris is a real dazzler. Dozens of intensely blue 1" flowers cover tall wavy stems, and the very green foliage looks good year round. Aristea tolerates sun, shade, water, drought, and just keeps cranking out those amazing blue flowers.

Native to Africa, Aristea is quite rare in the U.S., but shouldn't be. It demands little, delivers a lot, and is one of the few truly blue flowers in the world. Content in zones 8-11, it will tolerate a chill down to 20 degrees.

Aristea multiplies to form tight clumps, and the spectacular display doubles every year. It also reseeds profusely, and I suggest planting it on the edge of a paved walkway, or you'll have seedlings everywhere. It's an absolute show-stopper at the edge of the sidewalk and the foliage is green and fresh year round.

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