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Cereus peruviaus monstrous  - Ming Thing

Cereus Peruvianus Monstrosus - Ming Thing


The Cereus family includes most of the tall columnar cacti that bloom huge fragrant flowers at night and are super easy to grow. Most collections include at least one of these towering giants. But Cereus peruvianus monstrosus is another creature altogether.

Normal Cereus grow straight up from a point at the end of the stem. In Montrose plants, growth occurs from various areas, causing a strange, contorted growth pattern. No one knows why and and the effect can't be produced by human intervention. It just happens.

But this bizarre plant will come true from seed, blooms huge fragrant flowers at night and is as easy to grow as its relations. It loves heat, needs little water, and is cold hardy to zone 8. Its skin is a striking blue color and smooth (except for small scattered spines. Do not pet.) It sort of oozes out of the soil, forming fluted crests and knobs. Over time, it gets enormous, forming clumps 15' across.

In the short term, it makes a fine container plant, amazing on a windowsill or featured in a rock garden. Easy to grow, it just needs well drained soil and bright light. Not prone to bugs or diseases, it grows easily from seed, is very easy to get along with. Just don't expect it to grow straight.

10 seeds.

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