Corriander Seeds – An Ancient History

Corriander seeds are used in Indian cooking for a very long time. It is said that Indian women who had lost husbands often used the seeds to produce a milk-white substance. But there are several other stories as well, one of them having to do with the famous Amazonian warrior princess Ametha (also known as Aymerica) who was so renowned for her skills that she was known to visit the kitchen of her enemy, the king of the kingdom of Akshma. She demanded that the cook prepare coriander seeds to make a special milky beverage for her only. The cook refused and requested that she go away as he did not wish to make such a drink for a woman.

Ametha went on to say that she accepted the fact that she was a woman but that she also needed to be treated as one. She cursed the cook and humiliated him in front of his guests. He promised never to offer such food to any more woman and then retired to his home. That was a time when Indians were known for their hospitality and kindness. But this incident might have been what started the tradition of using Corriander seeds to flavor food.

Corriander seeds were also discovered in Australia by Williamook who was working there as a trader. He sent them back to England, where they became known and popular. Then the English began to use Corriander seeds in their cooking. Their fans say that they had a wonderful flavor and they used them to add flavor to many dishes. In fact, even today, when you go to your favorite Indian restaurant, chances are that you will find coriander being used in the cuisine.

There are two ways of preparing Corriander seeds. One method is to boil the seeds until they become liquid. Adding turmeric powder to the water gives the drink a unique flavor. This method is said to be the original way of using the seeds.

Another way is to extract the seeds from the whole plant. The juice is considered the best when compared to the extract obtained when boiling. The best results come from organic sources. However, you should be wary of the fact that the quality of the juice might vary. It might also be contaminated with metals such as lead. So it is advisable to buy only what is organic.

Corrianders seeds can also be used in a variety of Indian curries. They are often used in the preparation of masala chutneys, which are also known as Indian chillies. These are very tasty and hot. Corriander powder is also used in the preparation of stews and also as a spice in North India. But the real question here is how did Corriander seeds end up in the hands of the famous cooks of the British empire?

Well, according to one story, Lord Kenric (Lord Kitchener) used the seeds to flavor his famous hams. This is quite an old story but it does give some clues as to the popularity of Corriander seeds. Another interesting piece of Corriander history says that David Dalquist, the British prime minister, was also a fan of the seeds and even had a cabinet stocked with them. This was in the era of rationing. He would get them imported from India and use them in his cooking.

The price of Corriander seeds was so high that they were considered to be a luxury item. Therefore, there was no need for any commercial production of these seeds. As a result, there was plenty of left unsold in the British kitchens. They are now widely available online from various spice retailers.