Endive Seeds and How to Grow Them

Endive seeds are an excellent choice for your garden whether you are planting them as an annual for a new crop or you are planting for the first time and want to grow as a perennial. There are many different kinds of Endive plants, but the Belgian endive (branching vine) is one of the most common. The flowers can be single or clusters of petals, and they have an unusual scent that is quite pleasing. The leaves are short and shiny and the plant flowers last just a few weeks.

Endive seeds

These types of plants are easy to grow from seed and are fairly inexpensive. If you plant them yourself, you should have no problem at all replanting them each year and enjoying the beautiful flowers. Many people who are not into the gardening scene buy them at the nursery and then plant them themselves. This is a very convenient method if you are going to be planting for the first time or you are in a location where you do not have any kind of a garden. When you buy a perennial such as this you are getting all the blooms and the hardy plant has already done all of the work for you.

It does not matter what kind of plant you are planting as long as you make sure that they are planted in soil with good drainage. The soil has to be rich and well rotted before planting. You can grow endive seeds almost anywhere as long as you have a nice area for planting them. The best place would be in a spot that receives some sunlight during the day and little shade at night. This will allow your plants to get as much sun as possible without burning.

One of the most popular varieties of these heirloom seeds is called escarole. It is a gorgeous perennial with large, blue blooms. It can be found in most areas. Another variety of this heirloom is called goldenrod. This variety glows in the night with the same radiance as the night sky.

Some varieties of this perennial include Belgian endive, which is a perennial with purple flowers and dark green leaves. It has long roots that are quite thin. Other varieties of this French heirloom include chia Vera and chive Anemone.

Some other kinds of these French heirlooms are also quite popular including the witloof chicory endive, or blueberry chicory endive, and the full sun American endive. These varieties can be planted to produce several different colors such as blueberry, purple, gold, orange, and yellow. They can also be sown in one spot and then replanted annually. When planting them, be sure to place them in partial sun so that they don't dry out. Then just let them go and recover until the next year when you can place them in the garden and start reaping the benefits.

These chicory heirlooms are very susceptible to common plant problems like fungus and aphids. Aphids love to attack the young leaves on the stem. The leaves will get swollen and distorted until there are holes in them. Fungus loves to eat any of the plant parts but the leaves are the easiest to clean up.

Planting escarole seeds or planting Belgian endive seeds will ensure that your garden will always be full of vibrant, colorful plants. Be sure to keep them watered all summer and never leave them partially or completely uncovered during even the cooler months of fall. Be sure to protect the roots by using a screen over the entire area where the seeds are being planted.