An Overview Of Gourmet Herbs For Your Garden

gourmet herbs

If you are a gardener with a kitchen herb garden, you may be interested in learning how to grow more gourmet herbs for your garden. After all, when it comes to gardening there are limited amounts of space to work with, so having a good garden is important. Your herb garden can be a lot of fun to plant and nurture, but you need to be able to provide the best growing conditions if you are going to have any success.

When it comes to herbs, there are a few different types that are considered gourmet herbs. One of these is the oregano herb, which is native to the Mediterranean region. This type of herb is relatively large and strong, and it will grow well whether it is planted up against other plants or is grown alone. It will grow to a height of three feet and can be found throughout Italy, Spain, Morocco, Tunisia and in parts of France. You should be able to harvest the oregano easily when it is young, which is about four to six weeks after it is picked.

Another gourmet herb that you might want to consider planting is the fennel seed. This is a small perennial herb that is very hardy and will grow well even in shaded areas. Fennel is an herb that should be harvested when the rhizome starts to turn yellow. Fennel herb seeds can be stored for later use by freezing them, drying them and then placing them in a glass jar with a mesh covering.

A fourth herb that you might want to consider growing is the oregano herb, which is a large perennial that needs to be planted in full sun. Oregano herb seeds should be planted in the spring, but you will find that the herb will grow easily in almost any soil. Because it is such a popular herb, you will find that it is very easy to grow yourself. Just be sure that you are providing it with enough sunlight and water.

One of the most popular gourmet herbs being grown today is basil. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. You will find that many people use basil both for cooking and as a natural pest repellent. The best way to grow basil is to plant it from seed.

If you would like to grow more than just a single herb, you can, but it is much easier to purchase them ready to use. There are some herbs that grow well, but not all of them, so it may take some trial and error before you discover which herbs work well together in your garden. In addition to purchasing ready-to-use herb kits, you can also get individual herbs that are smaller in size. Some examples include the basil, parsley, oregano, sage, thyme, Rosemary and summer savory.

When you begin to plant your herb garden, be aware that you must provide them with plenty of sunlight. Most herbs like well-lit areas and will benefit from a nice pot with lots of windows if you are planting them inside. As they grow, be sure to remove the dead leaves and cut the herb seeds regularly to encourage new growth.

If you have a window space in your kitchen where you have some room to grow herbs, you can place the pots on the window sill. If you do not have this option, be sure to place the pots in a sunny window position and make sure that you do not freeze the herb seeds. Most herbs do well in the range of temperatures between approximately seventy degrees and eighty degrees Fahrenheit. Your herb garden will reward you with the wonderful aroma, flavor and textures that only fresh herbs can provide for you.