How to Add Color to Your Meals With Chard Seeds

A commonly used supplement, Chard is an easy to prepare, very tasty and nutritious food. If you are new to the health club scene or a beginner in vegetarianism, these delicious seeds make a great introduction to healthy vegetarian eating. Chard is made from the roots and bulbs of a young root plant called "Cardunculus", which can be found growing naturally in some parts of the world such as France, Ireland and England. There are many varieties of this root plant, and they are often eaten as a vegetable or even added raw to a salad.

Chard seeds

The most common Chard variety is red variety, but other colors and flavors have also been discovered. Usually, the seeds are harvested and cooked before the starch is extracted. This makes the seeds a bit more bitter than the root plant itself. This bitter taste is what gives this seed its "health club" name. But, the seeds are well liked by most people and are known for their nutritional value.

If you are a beginner in vegetarianism, start with the basic seeds first, like red or blue. It will give you a better idea of whether the diet is actually suitable for you. If you decide to go with the diet later on, you can add green chard seeds, alfalfa seeds or buckwheat seeds. All the seeds mentioned are rich in vitamins and nutrients, which are good for your body. You may want to add a sprig of fresh herbs, such as dill, parsley, Rosemary, basil or oregano to your daily diet as well.

If you make your own seed blend, it is better if you use certified organic ingredients. These ingredients will give you more of the nutrients that you think you are getting, but you won't be eating any pesticides, chemicals or artificial preservatives. Fresh, raw vegetables, herbs, and fruits are ideal to blend with chard. Start the blending process by soaking the seeds overnight. Drain off the liquid in the morning, and store in an air-tight container.

You can store the seeds in an airtight bag, or you can use a large plastic container. Put the container in a dark place, away from direct sunlight and protect it from extreme cold or heat. If you want to add flavor, you can add some spices, such as garlic or Cayenne. You can make a delicious meal with just these few simple ingredients. If you want a more substantial meal, you can steam it or boil it.

Many people believe that drinking chard will remove the hunger pangs they feel in the day. This is partly true, but you still need to eat other kinds of food, too. If you eat a lot of raw vegetables or fruits, you will fill up just as much as you would with seeds. The fat that gets stored in your muscles during the chard meal is mostly water and protein. So, you won't gain weight.

There are many recipes that you can find on the Internet that will use chard seeds to make delicious salads. You can use the seeds to dress up baked potatoes and rice. Or, you could make a tasty pasta sauce by adding chopped chard seeds to it. When you taste it, you will definitely taste the nutritional benefits. The next time you feel hungry, you can have some of those seeds for breakfast.

Chard is full of iron, which helps your body to manufacture red blood cells. It is a good source of folate, vitamin B12, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and niacin. This is the reason why chard is used in the treatment of circulatory problems. During colds and flu, it can be very beneficial to take these nutrients in your diet. So, start using this wonderful leafy green vegetable today.