How to Grow a Beefsteak Tomato Using Wholesale Kentucky Beefsteak Seeds

If you love beefsteak, you should consider growing your own beefsteak tomato plants. Beefsteaks are very delicious and are best served when they are cooked just right. They are the easiest dish to prepare and one of the most popular. However, if you grow them in your garden, they will be even easier to enjoy. This article is going to provide some information on beefsteak tomato seeds to help you get started.

First of all, you need to realize that just about anyone can grow these tomatoes because they are so hearty. However, most people don't have a very large yard to grow them in. If you live in an apartment or just have a small plot of land, it is still possible to grow a decent sized plant.

The good news is that this plant can be grown with minimal effort. There is no special soil to buy or special watering to do. You simply follow the directions that come with the seeds to grow like your own beefsteak. Just remember that it takes several months to get your plant started to grow like its name implies. The first few months it will resemble a small tomato with leaves.

The more months you wait, your plant will grow up to three inches across and you will have nice thick green leaves. After about a month, it will reach its full size and begin to develop strong black, leathery vines. When you have your plant in the ground, it will continue to grow until it spills over into the surrounding areas and then stops.

In order to continue to grow like your favorite tomatoes, you must keep it watered regularly and feed it with just the right amount of fertilizer. There are some that prefer to use topsoil when they plant their Kentucky Hot Spotted Beefsteaks, however if you can't find any, you can purchase the fertilizer at your local nursery. Some people prefer to go organic when it comes to fertilizers and other things for their garden, so if that is the case, be sure to read labels carefully before you put anything down. Remember, as with anything, you get what you pay for. If you are willing to spend just a little bit extra on a good brand of water and fertilizer, you will be able to grow like a champ.

Next, you will want to take a pair of good garden shears and cut away most of the flower heads on the tomato seeds. This will ensure that your plant has room to grow properly and it won't get "stuck" on one side. Take a sharp knife and make small, slits in the stems on both sides. You want to leave about a half inch of room for air to flow through. Then, take a handful of soil from inside of your bag and add a little bit of compost to the bottom of your holes. Now you just wait for the tomato seeds to be ready to grow.

Another advantage of using these Kentucky Hot Spotted Beefsteaks is that they are so easy to grow. They don't need a lot of special care, but you will need to do a little bit of maintenance. When the tomato plant starts to get to be about six to eight inches tall, it is time to feed it. Just take a few tablespoons of high-quality liquid fertilizer and lightly sprinkle it onto the bottom of the pot. Over the next couple weeks, just keep feeding it every couple of days.

Finally, I have to mention that these seeds are extremely cheap compared to buying them already grown. The savings will be especially evident when you grow more than one beefsteak tomato plant. If you grow more than one or two, you could always consider putting them into separate containers so that you have something to grow in your garden. When you're ready for bigger numbers, just go out and buy some Kentucky Hot Spotted Beefsteak seeds.