How to Grow Wholesale Plum Tomato Seeds
wholesale Plum tomato Tomato seeds

How to Grow Wholesale Plum Tomato Seeds

If you are a new grower or just want to try out growing plants with smaller containers, buying wholesale Plum tomato seeds can be the best way to go. You can get large numbers of these small, popular plants at wholesale prices and sometimes for free. There is also more selection when it comes to varieties than any other variety of tomato. Whether you are thinking of growing these plants indoors or out, there are a few things that you need to know before getting started.

Plum tomatoes usually grow quite well in southern states such as Florida and the surrounding areas. Growing them this far north will require an adjustment to your growing techniques. Planting them too close together will produce tomatoes that have soft skins, which can break off easily. Keep the plants at least four to six feet apart if they are going to be grown in the South. Too close and the tomatoes may not produce any tomatoes at all.

Plum tomatoes love the sun, but they do like some shade as well. The bigger the container the better, and you should keep about one-third of the plant's roots in the shade. Make sure to plant these types of smaller seeds deep into a well drained and sandy soil. Tomatoes need plenty of moisture so make sure to mulch around the plants using fine-grit sandpaper. You can use a fine-grit spray for fastening mulch in place if you do not want the leaves on the plants to be exposed to the elements. Water only when the soil is really dry.

Many growers mistakenly think that larger seed varieties like the ones from the garden center will do better. While they may be able to handle the heat better, they will not do as well in hot temperatures. They can actually become damaged by the intense heat, so they should be planted where they will actually receive morning sun during the day. If you are growing Plum tomato plants outdoors then just remember to move them inside during the afternoon and evening.

As far as eating goes, don't worry too much about the taste of your Tomatoes. That's really more of a cosmetic problem. What matters most is that you get the right amount of nutrition. Plum tomatoes are very rich in vitamins A, C & E which are necessary for growing vegetables. Just be sure to get enough of those important nutrients.

When it comes to marketing your Plants, there are a few things to keep in mind. Since they are a smaller plant, they will tend to wilt more easily. Therefore, you will want to put the seeds in small containers such as peat pots, water pots or baby tubs. If you are growing larger varieties like Beefsteak tomato plants, then you might consider using a plastic tunnel type container so that the root ball won't get damaged.

As far as keeping your Plum tomatoes alive goes, it really isn't too difficult. You just need to give them enough nutrients so that they can grow and bloom. It helps to plant seeds that are free of any insects. You may even want to hand pick your wholesale Plum tomato plants and then leave them in your garden to go to seed. If you prefer, you could also look for seeds that come with the proper starter plants. Once you have planted your seedlings into the soil, you should see them growing within a couple of weeks.

Most seed packets are sold in three to five-month increments. You can generally get a good deal on just about any type of seed. Be sure to read the instructions carefully before you start to grow anything. You don't want to be in the middle of a Garden when all of your hard work suddenly goes down the drain.