How to Harvest Wholesale Ferris Wheel Tomatoes
wholesale Ferris Wheel Tomato seeds

How to Harvest Wholesale Ferris Wheel Tomatoes

For the individual who likes to grow their own vegetables, a wholesale Ferris wheel is an excellent way to grow and harvest fresh tomatoes. These unique and practical gardening tools are made to be placed outside, allowing them to be admired from afar and enjoyed year-round. When it comes to harvesting the fruits that result, you are sure to be rewarded with spectacular sizes and colors of tomatoes. If you enjoy cooking these healthy-friendly tomatoes, here are a few useful tips for how to store and serve them:

Keep the seeds cool until needed. This will help them germinate and begin to grow before winter sets in, which usually means that you need to move them indoors. The seeds can also be stored in airtight containers in a refrigerator for up to a year.

When you are ready to transplant your seeds, place them in small plastic bags. Secure the bags with duct tape or double-sided tape. This will help the seeds survive harsh weather conditions and protect them from bugs and parasites. Store the bags inside a cooler that has a cover to keep the air inside. This will prevent pests from taking hold and damaging the seeds, which could potentially kill them.

Avoid freezing your wholesale Ferris wheels tomatoes until spring. The reason is because the longer tomatoes sit in a cold storage container, the lower their productivity will be. Instead, you should plant tomatoes in a sunny window and allow them to go into dormancy before harvesting in the late summer months.

To get the most yield from your wholesale Ferris wheel tomatoes, ensure that they get the proper growing conditions. Make sure that your garden allows them to grow freely. This means that there is plenty of room for expansion, so put your planters as close to each other as possible to achieve this. There are two different growing systems that you can use, depending on the size and number of your tomatoes. Place six plants per square foot if you have six by ten foot planters. For more space, place seven to twelve plants per square foot.

The best part about wholesale Ferris wheels is that they are very easy to care for, even for beginners. Just add water every day and water them only when the soil is really dry. Keep your tomato plants watered, but refrain from watering them too much. Tomato plants have poor water retention if they are over-watered, so watering them too often will result in wilting or the plants may even die.

Another quick way to ensure optimal growth is to mulch your wholesale Ferris wheel tomatoes. Mulching will give your plants extra nutrients while protecting them from harsh elements. If your wholesale Ferris wheel tomatoes are not exposed to sunlight, make sure you place them in a greenhouse to ensure they're always getting the right amount of sunlight.

A third quick way to ensure your wholesale Ferris wheel tomatoes thrive is to harvest them when they are still relatively small, about four weeks after they were planted. This will ensure the plant gets the most use out of it. Tomato plants store water well, so don't wait to harvest your wholesale Ferris wheel tomatoes until they're almost ripe! The flavor will be that much better!

Harvesting your wholesale Ferris wheel tomatoes early also allows you to pick and use the fruit on the market much more readily than if you wait till the plant is too big to pick. Because it grows quickly, fruits that ripened later are often overripe. This means you'll need to buy tomatoes with plenty of green juice instead of simply waiting to harvest. If you pick the fruit too soon, it will have a bitter taste and likely wouldn't sell as well in local markets.

When harvesting your wholesale Ferris wheel tomato plants, be careful to only get rid of the stem end, since this may also attract insects. You can push it into a compost bin, which should be placed directly behind a window. Keep the vine to itself and only pinch the stem end. After about five days you'll be able to remove the fruit easily by hand.

To ensure you don't destroy your plants when picking off their roots, use gloves and get really close to the stem end before removing them. For best results, use a root rake. Avoid scarves and other clothes because they could tear the vines. Keep in mind that a wholesale Ferris wheel tomato plant will need at least four feet of ground to keep growing, so plan accordingly. Make sure you plant your seeds in water and then cover with gravel to keep them from drying out.