How To Make Homemade Mustards

Mustards seeds, also known as cress or tall fritillary or asters are the small round green seeds of different mustards plants. The seeds are normally about 1.2 to 2 millimeters in diameter and can be colored from greenish to dark yellow. These small black seeds are used to make a variety of different foods. In India it is a common ground for various dry fruits like sesame seeds, saffron, cashew nuts etc. But it is a good idea to avoid these seeds at the cost of your health as these seeds contain a large quantity of calories.

Mustards seeds

Apart from being used as a flavor agent it has many health benefits. It is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Iron. If you have been suffering from anemia due to lack of iron or who has lost his hair due to lack of Vitamin A then Mustards seeds will come to your rescue. You can use this mixture for gargling with as it is an excellent tonic for treating anemia in children is treated using this. If you eat these Mustards seeds regularly you will increase your bowel movements which in turn will excrete more fecal matter thus keeping your colon clean.

There are several recipes that use Mustards seeds as an ingredient. These recipes are liked by people of all ages. One such famous recipe is Mustards Seed and Mustard Oil Tandoori. This delicious Indian side dish is a must try.

To make this delicious dish all you need to add is one tablespoon of Mustards seeds, a tablespoon of oil and a pinch of salt. All other ingredients should be arranged on the base of your tandoori and cooked in this blend. When the taste of the oil blends with that of the seeds then it leaves the mixture in a state of pure flavor.

If you want to give this authentic Indian dish a different flavor then you can simply add a pinch of cumin. You can also add coriander powder or turmeric powder to the Mustards seeds and let them blend well together. This will give a unique twist to this traditional Indian dish and it surely goes down a treat. Another way in which you can add Mustards seeds to your diet is by preparing it with some white mustard seeds, which are roasted and ground.

Apart from enhancing the taste of your meals, Mustards seeds will also help to reduce cholesterol levels and thus will prevent the development of heart diseases. It has been seen that people suffering from high cholesterol levels suffer from many health issues. They often complain that their digestive system is not working efficiently, and they also feel tired throughout the day.

Apart from being a great source of fiber, Mustards seeds also provide an excellent source of iron. You can easily make use of this powerful antioxidant by grating it into a fine dust and then applying to your salads or any other dish that requires high levels of iron. Just keep in mind that you should only grate the husks and not the seeds when you are preparing this condiment. Once you have used it for the first time and add it to your recipe, do keep it in the refrigerator to retain the freshness. You should store it in a cool dark place as mustard seeds will expand if it is exposed to heat.

When you prepare your own home made Mustards and feel the difference between the original and prepared one, you would realise that using mustard greens as a base for your own homemade condiments is a great way of maximizing the nutritional value of every serving of Mustards. So, next time you plan on serving Brussels sprouts, just consider using mustard seeds to enhance the flavor. The taste can be kept the same but the nutrition quotient will certainly go up.