How to Plant Cucumbers Seeds Indoors

Sow Cucumbers Seeds: Take fresh cut cucumbers, not canned ones, out of their trays and slice the cucumbers across the midsection. Place the slices on paper towels to absorb the juice but leave the seeds exposed. Sow these in small cell packs or two in. pots the day before the first frost.

Use 3 seeds per pot and don't overcrowd. Once the cucumbers seeds start to germinate, remove them from the pots and place them on wet paper towels or kitchen towels to absorb the water. The next step is to place the wet towels on top of a moderately moist garden soil mix. This will help the seeds stay wetter longer. Sow the cucumbers seeds indoors 6 weeks before the first frost.

When buying your summer planting cucumber seeds, be sure to check the moisture content and make sure you get the right seed. Some varieties of cucumbers do better if they are potted instead of sown in summer. Other varieties like zelkova do better if they are replanted as seedlings. Also check how far down the stem the varieties you select will grow, because that will affect how many seed packets you need to buy. Most varieties can be planted foot deep in either a traditional garden bed or in containers.

In both cases, water the soil before replanting cucumber seeds so the roots get all the water they need. Water deeply around the seed pod. Plant the seeds about half a foot deep. You may need to add a little extra soil to get the seeds started. Keep the seeds moist until you see some green growing from them.

How long it takes for seedlings to germinate depends on many factors. If you have warm weather, seeds will germinate faster. Also, if you have cold weather, seeds will take longer to germinate. It's also important to remember that seeds don't have a chance to get to the ground if they are protected in a damp or wet environment. Cucumbers are great for growing indoors under plastic or in a glass container. You can also buy them already grown and ready to plant if you want to start them indoors but don't want to wait for the right temperature or weather conditions.

Seeds have a hard time germinating if they are exposed to the air until they are about sixty days from planting. The germination window for seedless cucumbers is about 60 days, but the best way to ensure germination is not to leave them outdoors. Seedless cucumbers should be planted in a cold frame. This will help prevent the fruit from turning yellow. However, you must not place the frame below the trunks of your trees.

Once the seedlings have been placed into a frame, they need to be covered loosely with mulch, peat or shredded paper. This will help keep moisture out of the soil. Cucumbers do best in fertile, rich soil with low levels of nitrogen. They will also need to have their soil fertilized every six weeks during the growing season. The soil should be allowed to drain regularly to maintain a healthy soil structure.

To germinate seeds indoors, plant cucumbers into a circular pattern in a moist soil and water mixture. The holes will form as the plants send roots down the stem. Keep the plant in a sunny window until the first set of leaves emerge above the soil. Then move the pot outside into direct sun to start the process. When you transplant seedlings out of the garden, they should germinate in about 60 days.