How to Prepare Dwarf French Beans For Espresso
Dwarf French beans seeds

How to Prepare Dwarf French Beans For Espresso

Good quality Dwarf French beans can be a challenge to find. They are smaller than Arabica beans and tend to produce less robustly, but with the right preparation they can make a stunning cup of coffee. Here are some of our favourites varieties of dwarf Frenchy's and how to roast them for maximum flavour and aroma.

Robusta or Black beans: These dwarf French beans seeds are the choice of connoisseurs who are looking for an exquisite espresso, cappuccino or cafe latte. This variety is best roasted for in the traditional French way - by a slow, methodical roast using specialised equipment. The seeds can be left in the pod for hours to extract the oils from the bean. Once picked, these pods are very easy to make into a terrific coffee drink or part of a delicious coffee cake.

Black or White beans: These two varieties have their own unique characteristics, but they are both excellent coffee options. Robusta beans tend to be very hardy and can withstand tough conditions and the Black variety tend to be more delicate. Both varieties can be used whole or ground into a fine paste, depending on your preference. If you are going for a bold coffee, consider using a combination of both varieties of seed pods.

Grind them yourself: There are two ways you can roast dwarf French beans. Either grind them coarsely, or finer, using your coffee grinders. Coffee grinders are available at any local coffee shop. Alternatively, there are devices on the market designed specifically for grinding these small beans. It is important to use the finest grade beans to ensure a bright, aromatic and intense coffee. Also, if you are new to coffee making, it is best to go for a smaller grinder as the beans from larger coffee grinders can be too rough and unappealing.

Keep them fresh: Since they are smaller than other types of coffee seeds, it is important to keep your dwarf French beans as fresh as possible. This means keeping them stored in a cool dark place. If you store them in the fridge they will spoil quickly so it is best to put them in a storage basket, or Tupperware container. Another good idea is to seal them in a plastic freezer bag, which will prevent damage.

Put them in: Most people who start brewing coffee with dwarf French beans choose to grind them and then put them in a coffee machine. Although this does produce a wonderful cup of coffee, the truth is that it is not the most convenient way to prepare them. Determining when each seed pod is ready to be ground could take up to a half hour, depending on how fast you want your first brew of the day. You also do not want to be straining your coffee grounds every time you use a strainer, especially if you have a small filter basket for your coffee machines.

Grow them yourself: If you like to save money and enjoy a fresh cup of coffee each morning, there are ways to grow your own Dwarf French beans. Most gardening stores carry seeds for French coffee, and it is a relatively easy thing to grow them from those seeds. The only issue you may run into is getting them into the smaller 12-gauge rounds because the seeds for small French beans are generally very small. A coffee bean grinder is the easiest way to go about this. Simply put the smaller pods of coffee seeds inside the grinder and turn it on to crush the seeds.

The final step in how to prepare dwarf French beans is the addition of hot water. Once the water has begun to boil, place the beans in the water. Continue this process for several minutes until all of the water has been boiled out. After this, simply sit the beans in a coffee basket and wait for them to begin to roast.