How to Preserve Dwarf French Beans at Home
Dwarf French beans seeds

How to Preserve Dwarf French Beans at Home

Dwarf French beans are great in sowing and in replanting. They grow up to three feet tall and are a warm loving plant. These beans can be used in salsas, chili, stews and soups. The dwarf French bean has a round shape and is about one inch across.

From Suttons Seeds: French Rooster's Eye, Giant Dwarf French Beans' (also known as Giant French Rooster's Ear) Price: $3.99. To check for the RHS award of garden quality: Dwarf French Beans Seeds with Award of Garden Merit. The Giant Dwarf French Beans have the following qualities:

* Stringless Pods Approximately one inch across. * Threemiliflower clusters Approximately three millimeters across. * White blossom approximately four millimeters across. * Flowers approximately three millimeters across. * Flavor: Smoky, slightly nutty, tangy, spicy. * Health benefits: None

* Sow Now pop the beans into a muslin bag and save them until you are ready to use them. When you are ready, remove the seed pod from its shell and discard it. Repeat with the second pod. You can then carefully slip each pod into its own muslin bag and tie securely with a piece of string or yarn.

* Seed Pod Storage After you have removed the seed pod from its shell, place it in a large pot or Tupperware container. Cover the beans and any exposed seeds with a damp towel or paper towel so that air can circulate around them. Allow the beans to stay in this wet environment for about three to five days. The longer you let the beans go, the more they will expand. However, if the beans do not expand much, they are likely still wet and will taste just as good when you make your next bean coffee.

* Seed Crate If the seed capsule is in a wooden container, cut some holes in it. Using a sharp knife, poke holes in the bottom of the container and insert the wooden stake or wooden board. suspend the seeds above the hole so that they can grow horizontally. For dwarf French beans, you can make a few extra holes in the wooden container by drilling tiny holes in the top and bottom. Place the container upside down inside the hole in order to avoid dampness.

* Seed Dish Another method of preserving your seed capsules is to set them in a special glass or metal container called a seed dish. To make a glass dish, simply heat some water in a saucepan, bring to a boil, and cover the pan. Allow the water to simmer for about 2 minutes. If seeds get wrinkly, you may have to reheat them before using them in your favorite recipes.

* Bean Bag Makes A bean bag is a very simple way of preserving your Dwarf French beans. You just have to stuff the container with the beans and the cover the container with an old, dry towel. Seal the container and shake the mixture until the beans are mixed completely. You can then put it in your freezer to store for up to three months.

* Seed Container A special type of plastic container is called a seed capsule. These are available at your local gardening center and are used mainly to store dry and moisten seed packets for a long period of time. They are quite similar to tins except that they are airtight and they do not leak. Most seed capsules are quite safe to use because of their superior sealing property. You can even throw your seeds away if they are sealed properly inside the container.

* Seed Storage There are people who love to keep dry and moist French beans inside their cupboard. If you are one of those people who like to keep their beans fresh for a longer period of time, then you should invest in a coffee seed capsule. These capsules are easy to use as they have lids that seal the container and they also protect the beans from any sort of moisture. Once the beans are exposed to moisture, they go bad within days. These capsules are made with different kinds of beans and therefore, no kind of bad taste occurs in these seed capsules.

* Seed Containers Another popular method of storing dry French beans is by using the plastic bin type. The bin does not have any other function than storing your dry beans. You have a few options to store your beans. You can opt for glass jars, terracotta clay pots and metal cylinders that can be placed on a shelf or a rack. A special device called a coffee extractor can also be used. This is a special container - often referred to as a coffee bin - that stores the seeds and the beans in an enclosed reservoir.

* Seed Dispensers Another great way of preserving your beans is by investing in a coffee seed dispenser. These dispensers are like small jars and have a hole in the top. When the coffee seeds are poured into the container - usually through the hole - they get instant shelf life and are ready to be used immediately. You just have to pour them in the reservoir and they are ready to be used.