How to Save Leeks, Easily and Effectively
Leek seeds

How to Save Leeks, Easily and Effectively

If you like plants that grow well, leek is a type of plant that will make a nice choice for you. This hardy perennial herb is very easy to grow in most regions and is very drought tolerant. Because it is so drought tolerant, it makes a good companion for many different types of gardens. It can tolerate low moisture, high temperatures and it doesn't require much attention when you don't prune. Because it prefers full sunlight to partial, you should be planting it in the mornings with perhaps partial shade during the afternoon or evening.

When transplanting leek seeds from containers to your garden, space them six to eight inches apart. Time to germination after transplantation is about five to seven days. A strong paper bag should be used to collect the leeks so they can go straight to your garden. A clear plastic bag is also useful but it will allow moisture to get out of the seed. The best way to collect the leeks is to place them upside down into the paper bag, which traps the moisture.

If you are planning on planting leeks in your flower garden in the fall, you need to prepare them before you plant them. They don't have to be harvested right away. Wait until late summer or early fall so that the leeks seeds have enough time to go to seed. This is also an important time to prepare the soil so it will be ready for the new year.

Once your leeks seeds have gone to seed, you will need to place them in wet medium such as a paper bag. This media is necessary because the seeds will need to have water in order to germinate. You can also use a dehydrated seed cracker or newspaper to press the dry seeds. Keep the paper bag in a shady area. You should keep the bag open but not fully damp.

Place the leek seeds in a shallow dish or container. You can use a plastic garbage can but it will not be as effective since the water may evaporate before the leek seeds germinate. Keep the dish under partial sunlight so it will help germinate faster. Keep the container moist but not wet.

To plant leek seeds, you have to transfer them into their proper growing location. You can do this by picking the seed from its bag and placing it in your vegetable garden. Make sure that the area is not too crowded. Then you have to remove the little seed head from its bag and plant them in the location. The little seed heads will make the plant healthier since it has just one chance to sprout.

It will be best if you plant your seeds in partial sun. After several days, they will start to produce their little fruits. This is when you can take advantage of your seed saving idea. You can freeze or dry these leeks in early spring for use in the summer season.

If you would like to save your seeds and want to grow more leeks, you may place them directly into your flower head. Make sure that the little seed has at least two leaves out of the flower head. Place these leeks on top of your flower bed. If you have good soil, you will have great results. It will take about one week until you will start to see the flowers.

It will also be best to start leek seedlings indoors. In this case, you should do your research before you start. You should know how to protect your seedlings during freezing temperatures. Make sure that your seedlings are placed in a dark place. You should also be aware of the growing seasons and where to get the best soil conditions.

If you would like to save your leeks, you should remember about the climate in your area. There are times when the climate conditions are not suitable for growing leeks. In this case, you should either move your seedlings outdoors or you should purchase an indoor starter kit. You should also check your local nursery to see if they carry these seeds. If you do not find any indoor kits available, you should consider creating your own. Remember that you do have to spend some time making this container as attractive as possible.

It is a great idea to grow leeks if you have small children. These small kids are likely to give you lots of trouble if you try to grow leeks in your garden. When you are growing leeks indoors, you should provide some very attractive containers for them to crawl into. Another great idea is to create a playhouse. This will make it much easier for small children to manage their lawn.