How to Store Radish Seeds

Harvesting radish seeds from your garden is lots of fun, and also a good way to potentially save yourself some money. However, if you already have radishes in your organic vegetable garden then you must absolutely try to save the seeds too. This can be done easily by either putting them in a protective plastic bag or by using a cheesecloth bag which has been soaked in water to allow the seeds to remain dry. The next step is to soak the seeds in water which is about half water, half vinegar. This will rinse off the soil which will mean that the radish seeds will germinate fully.

Radish seeds

You can then use the soaked seeds to make seed pods which you can collect and store for future use. These seed pods will germinate in an instant and you can start sowing them next year. If however you do not get any seeds this year then don't worry - there are many other ways you can still save your seeds for next year. In fact, many people like to save their edible seeds and use them for making edible goodies such as sachets, cookies, jams and cakes.

One way is to buy a jar opener and put the seeds inside. When you open the jar you will be able to harvest seeds without much effort. This might not be the most convenient way but if you are short of time and need to make some preserves for that special occasion then it will be the only way you can do. Another option is to buy a sachets maker. Again, if you don't have one of these devices then simply place the seed pod in a sachets maker and you will be able to use the resulting delicious treats to make jams, jellies, conserves and other delicious goodies.

The main problem with sachets is that they often come out of focus. For this reason it can be a good idea to keep a book of seeds which you can rotate so that you can easily find where to place them next time you go shopping for Radish varieties. Keep a sketch of the location of each seed so that you can spot them when you are ready to harvest. Harvesting the seed pod should be done at night or very early in the morning so that the seeds don't get spoiled. Also, make sure that you carefully crack the outer shell to reveal the seeds inside. Always check the condition of the seed before placing it back into its box.

After harvesting Radish seeds you can store the seeds until the following year. For best results store the seeds in an airtight plastic bag and cover them. This will help prevent insects from getting to the seeds and destroying them. Once the seeds are fully dried and harden they can be stored in a cool dark place for up to 2 months. You should check the condition of the seeds regularly so that you can ensure that you get to use them the next year.

There are many different ways that you can store your Radish seeds. The easiest way is to break open one of the pods and squeeze the seeds out inside. You should then add some water to help the pods retain their shape. You should store the pods in a cool dry place until the next year when you plan to replant.

Many people will select the seeds from their garden and plant them. If the plants don't produce fruit then you can save the seed pods by separating the pulp from the seeds. Many people make the mistake of harvesting the seeds from too young or old seed pods. By removing the seeds from the pods you can ensure that the plants have enough energy to grow and produce fruit. If you do plan to harvest your plants next year you may want to wait until the plant has produced fruit.

There are other ways to store your Radish seeds. A great idea is to place the pods into a protective airtight container, seal the container and store it in the fridge for up to a week. You can also purchase seed pods from a local garden center and place them directly into a Ziploc bag. Keep the bags in a dark place where they will remain safe from moisture. It is very important that the seed pods remain dry in order to germinate. If the pods start leaking water or seeping sap then you will have difficulty growing the plants next year.