Mustards Seeds – Their Flavor and Uses
Mustards seeds

Mustards Seeds - Their Flavor and Uses

Mustard seeds have an interesting history. In fact, the first reference to Mustards seeds comes from a Mayflower. This shows that the history of Mustards seeds goes back to Colonial times. It has always been associated with savory foods and why not, its seeds are great sources of proteins.

Originally these seeds were grown as a crop by the early settlers. The seeds were stored in wooden barrels or even on the tops of trees. They were used to flavor meats and are now grown as a commercial crop around the world.

You can use Mustards seeds for savory or pickle recipes. You can buy them at any local seed store. You can also grow your own at home. For the greatest taste you can try growing your own Mustards seeds - just use a strong blender to puree your seeds. Use your imagination!

The taste is amazing when they are cracked open. Try to crush a handful of these seeds with a fork. Add some cheese, salt and pepper to the mix and you have a scrumptious mustard. You can use this mixture on just about any cracker, flatbread, or sandwich. For the best effect use the seeds right out of the fridge - that way it will be even more nutritious.

There is no other way to describe Mustards seeds than to say they have a kick! The seeds are extremely hearty and taste great. Try to use them in meats and vegetables instead of salt.

They can add a lot of zip to soups and stews. They are very good for salads too. The seeds can add tons of flavor to your vegetables, just chopping up some and throwing into salads is fine. You can even sprinkle on top of dry rice. You will love their taste. It is definitely a keeper.

There are many other ways to use Mustards seeds and have them be memorable. Try roasting them on skewers over hot coals. Then dig in and fry some onions or celery along with them. Sprinkle on some black pepper and you have a spicy dish.

For dessert you could make a frosting out of the seeds and then sprinkle on some shredded coconut. Delicious! These seeds go great in any kind of dessert. And remember the old saying "you get what you pay for." I certainly hope this article is of interest and that is has propelled thought. The goal is simple; to help you in your quest to be the best in 2021.