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About SmartSeeds

Greetings!  I'm Mia Myers, owner of SmartSeeds.  I grew up next door to a botanic garden, playing in the world's most exotic weeds.  I'm a Master Gardener and Landscape Designer here in Southern California where rare plants grow in parking lots.  Even the weeds are cool.

I come from a long line of gardeners.  A hundred years ago, this town was my great-grandfather's lemon ranch.  Now it's home to six colleges, all landscaped with awesome plants.  Claremont calls itself  The City of Trees.  It's like a zoo for plants.

I live on the family homestead.  The garden's far bigger than the house and is always out of control, just the way I like it.  There's always plenty to share.   I share seeds with gardeners all over the world.  If you live in Qatar or Vanuatu or New Zealand, I want to know about your garden.   One man's weed is another man's awesome exotic.

As a Landscape Designer, I learned to build gardens that take care of themselves. If you understand what a plant needs and where it came from, you won't have to pour chemicals on it, tie it up, mow it down, or beat it into submission.  You'll have the most magical garden in the world if you just listen to your plants. 

I'll always tell you where each plant comes from - a moist, shady rain forest, the dry grasslands of South Africa,  the rocky slopes of the Andes.  You need to know your climate zone and how to use Google.  These are plants for experienced gardeners and they may try your patience.  But if they were easy, they'd be in Home Depot.

You're an advanced gardener.  This is your place. 

Let me know how I can help.