Places to Visit in Edinburgh, Scotland

Places to Visit in Edinburgh, Scotland

Few things can compare with the flavour of Calabrese cheese. It is a hardy, delicious blend of French and Italian cheeses. If you love both types of cheeses equally you will love Calabrese glass or two! One day I found myself dining at my friend's house who happens to be a certified cook and gourmet chef. We were looking for an unusual and out of the ordinary place to celebrate our anniversary, it being our first anniversary since high school and I wasn't very sure what to look for.

I am normally in the food world, so I was a bit apprehensive about going out to a steakhouse that specialized in Calabrese as it was something I had never tried before. We had a few choices but eventually chose The Priory Restaurant in our local village. I wasn't really sure what to expect from this establishment, I had read some reviews and liked the taste and atmosphere so I decided to give it a go. After ordering a Calabrese and starting to feel the melt in my belly I was hooked!

My friend and I started off with a Calabrese from left field - their white cream cheese with cauliflower and smoked turkey breast (my preference), this dish is quite unique as many other restaurants don't have such an unusual combination. It came with a salad and a dipping sauce, it was quite delicious! Next on the menu was a cauliflower and mushroom soup, it was delicious! After the meal I decided to try their pasta which was also delicious. For the price of two meals I felt I got value for money, the portions are generous and it leaves you craving more!

I didn't try the fish which my friend recommends but I imagine it must be a fantastic experience! I will have to go back to try it! I will just say that the Calabrese tastes like butter when paired with duck or salmon; if you are a vegetarian I would recommend this place. The staff were very helpful and polite. The atmosphere is very pleasant with a lot of wood panelling and wood furniture. The decorator did a great job with the space and it makes you feel welcomed and comfortable!

The next time I was there was also a birthday dinner. My friends had paid over forty dollars and I was hoping to get in for just five dollars, I know I am cheap at times but these prices are ridiculous! The hostess came out and cooked our meal, she was very friendly and helped me enjoy my meal very well, she came prepared with a very tasty salad, soup and a very generous helping of wine, it was a complete experience! The prices are so reasonable and I will definitely go back.

The last time I was there was for a wedding anniversary party. This place offers the most amazing deals. I went for three hours without stopping because I couldn't believe how good they tasted. It was amazing! They have the biggest selections I have ever seen and I was impressed from the moment I walked in. The prices are very reasonable and you get what you pay for!

The other place that has been recommended is Delano's Italian restaurants. There are many places that will give you good service and prices, I would recommend this one to anyone who is on a budget. The food is wonderful and you will forget you are eating pasta when it is over. If you are looking for authentic Italian dishes then this is the place to go to. The prices are reasonable and you can find many dishes that you won't normally find.

You will be surprised how many great places are around the Calabrese area. You will have to decide which ones are the best for your taste buds as well as your pocket! You will definitely have to make some visits in order to sample all of the wonderful food you will find. You will defiantly be missing out on something great if you do not check these places out soon.