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Anomatheca laxa False Freesia


Anomatheca is a tiny red iris from the grasslands of South Africa. It spends much of the year hidden underground, out of the scorching sun. In spring, tiny brilliant red blooms appear on 8" stems, always a delightful surprise. A single scarlet bloom will catch your eye from across the yard.

Mischievous seed-slingers, they seem to have a sense of humor. A bloom often appears appears growing in a crack in the sidewalk, but plants do just fine in the garden. In the ground, Anomatheca will spread into a nice cluster. Pop off the fat seed pods if you want to control where they show up next.

This tiny bulb plant is amazingly drought-tolerant, even in brutally hot climates. Filtered shade is appreciated, but water is unnecessary. In warm zones 8 to 10, this is a zero maintenance plant. Sow at any time of year and barely cover with soil. They're easy to grow from seed and will bloom the first year.
Flowers (to 1” wide) are red with dark red splotches. There are baby blue varieties and white with red spots, but these seeds came from my red flowers. Expect red.

25 seeds

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