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Aribibi Gusano Hot Bolivian Pepper


This bizarre chili pepper taste like a Habanero and looks like a white caterpillar. 

The cultivar comes from the city Aribibi in Bolivia. Gusano means worm. Aribibi is the Bolivian term for people who have tantrums, scream and go ballistic. I'm sure you know one or two. The name is a hint of the hotness of this pepper.

Gusano's flavor is smoky-citrus with a hint of vanilla. It's so fragrant that you can cut one open and smell it throughout the house. Some say you can eat the tip and enjoy its full array of flavors without enduring the heat, but that second bite? Watch out. This chili is hot, 150,000 Scoville units at least. And it looks so harmless.

This unique (and quite rare) chili matures from light green to creamy white. It's a Capsicum chinense and has the chocolate citrus flavor (and blistering heat) you expect from its relations. The yield is generous. You'll have enough to nibble, cook with, even make fresh Habanero sauce.

Beware!  Enjoy!

10 seeds



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