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Bignonia capreolata – Tangerine Crossvine

Tangerine Crossvine is an enthusiastic climber with vivid coral blossoms that hummingbirds love. Native to Florida, it's hardy in zones 5-9. It prefers afternoon sun and a deep watering in very hot weather, but will adapt to most conditions As hardy as it is beautiful. It quickly grows to 35-50 feet and can be shaped easily.

Crossvine is spectacular in bloom and lovely in winter. It will cover a fence or shed in a few months and will survive heat, drought, shade and neglect. If nurtured, it will take off into the trees overhead and is best planted where it has room to spread out.

Plant your seeds in fast-draining mixture of peat, coarse sand and perlite, 1-2 inches deep and keep moist. They'll germinate within three weeks.

5 fresh seeds.

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