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Bomarea uncifolia - Pink Bomarea Vine


Bomarea is a rare, spectacular vine from Ecuador. It blooms like  Alstroemeria on steroids. Vibrant clusters of 30-40  pink flowers dangle from the scrambling vines all summer. Huge seed pods contain bright red seeds.

This beauty is super rare, but easy to grow.  It needs dappled shade, cool roots, humidity, a tree or trellis to climb. It will scramble up 12 feet to catch a little sunshine. It grows well in the company of other plants, or where coastal mist keeps the air moist. Zones 8-10.  Hummingbirds love it!

These fresh seeds were just collected in Ecuador and should be easy to germinate. Sow seeds in a well drained mix and keep the soil moist. Seedlings will appear about 3 months.

30 rare seeds

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