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Caesalpinia sappan - Heartwood Tree


Heartwood is a tall, fast growing tree that blooms fragrant yellow flowers. It grows quickly to 20', fast enough to slow erosion, tall enough to serve as a fence. Much of the year it's covered with fancy yellow blossoms and it blooms its first season. This is one useful tree.

Native to India, Heartwood Tree is cultivated in Hawaii and Southeast Asia both for its medicinal properties as well as its beauty. It's used for erosion control, reforestation, and as a boundary marker. It's long been rumored to possess magical properties and is used in Chinese medicine.

In the wild, this beauty grows on rocky hillsides and sandy riverbanks. It needs a frost-free climate and lean soil with good drainage Perfect in zones 9 though 11.

Nick and soak seeds in hot water before planting to speed germination.

10 seeds

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