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Edamame - Tankuro Black Soybean


In Japan, black-seeded soybeans are treasured for their distinctive rich flavor. You may have enjoyed them at your favorite sushi bar. Though the seeds meant for planting are black, you'll harvest dark green beans and they'll stay green when cooked.

Tankuro is a non-GMO, open pollinated soybean. The bushy plants grow upright about 2½ feet tall. This early maturing variety needs warm days and cool nights for best flavor. Sow the seeds any time from late April to early June. They'll be ready for harvest in mid July through the end of August.

Harvest while the young seeds are bulging but the pods are still green. As the plants yellow, the seeds will mature into black pearls, your planting stock for next year.
These are premium soybeans, bred for fine sushi bars. Cheap soybeans are fed to cows.


15 seeds


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