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Eucalyptus corymbia ficifolia - Red Flowering Gum


This eucalyptus blooms like a circus. Clusters of fluffy, vibrant red flowers cover the blue-green foliage all summer. Hummingbirds come from miles around and dive bomb each other to compete for their share. Blooms are usually crimson, but may be pink, red, or orange. The decorative pods are a plus. This is one showy tree.

Native to coastal Australia, it's at home in zones 7-11, thrives in sandy soil, loves a dry climate with low summer rainfall. Fairly fast-growing, it tops out at 20' and rarely needs pruning. An excellent street tree, it's drought-tolerant, undemanding and is much used by landscapers.

Hummingbirds are so passionate about it that they get into fierce aerial battles trying to claim it as personal territory. I've counted more than 100 hummers swarming my tree at one time.

Flowering Gum grows easily from seed. Surface sow onto a moist, sandy medium and keep warm.

25 seeds.

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