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Gomphocarpus fruticosus Mini Swan Milkweed


Mini Swan Milkweed, (Gomphocarpus fruticosus), is short and fat and has POINTED hairy balls. The plants are bushy, about 3' tall and wide, so lush that the butterflies can't keep up with the foliage. If you grow other milkweeds, you know butterfly larvae can eat them down to sticks in no time.

Problem solved.

Mini Swan has the same white blooms as "Family Jewels" and is topped with hairy balls, but they're pointed. The fluffy foliage keeps your butterfly garden from looking naked.

This milkweed is native to South Africa and is rarely seen, but it grows easily in most gardens. Just needs ordinary soil and full sun. Scatter the seeds where you want them. (Their deep roots don't like to be transplanted).

25 seeds.


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