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Hamelia patens - Firebush


Firebush is a vibrant evergreen shrub that blooms clusters of scarlet flowers that brighten the landscape, bring hummers, butterflies, and songbirds, and it's very easy to grow. In Florida it's dismissed as a weed. For the rest of us, this is a real treasure. Clusters of scarlet flowers and purple berries add zip to the landscape. The blooms are very nectary. Hummers and butterflies love this plant.

Native to the Caribbean, Firebush is perennial in zones 8-11. It thrives in both sun or shade, likes good drainage, regular water. (It flowers best in sun; the foliage looks prettier in shade). Once established, it's drought-tolerant. Airy bushes grow about 3' tall and wide. In cooler climates, grow it as an annual or cut it back in winter. Plants grow quickly and bloom in no time.

Firebush is perfect for lining paths and makes a showy specimen plant. It's easy to grow and makes everyone happy.

30 tiny seeds

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