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Hedgehog Cucumber - Cucumis africanus


Hedgehog Cucumbers look like small, prickly, striped gourds. They're native to South Africa, where they're once pickled and preserved, but are worth growing just for your amusement. Perennial vines produce hundreds of silly, spiny, striped fruits the size of a kumquat.

The fruits start out light green with dark stripes, then ripen cream color with purple stripes. They last for months. Quite decorative, they look very cool in a bowl, have great crafting potential.

Vines grow about 6' tall, are perennial in warm climates and tough annuals elsewhere. In Africa they grow naturally on steep rocky slopes and sand dunes, survive ungodly heat and drought, but don't mind being watered and look prettier when grown in some shade. Carefree and prolific, one vine can produce a hundred little hedgehogs. 85 days.

25 seeds

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