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Japanese Eggplant - Slender Purple Heirloom


Japanese eggplants have a delicate taste, milder than Western varieties. The slender fruits are long and slender, a vibrant purple color. They don't require peeling. The skins are thin and tender, adding a slight texture and sweet flavor to the flesh. The vivid purple color looks great in the garden.

In Japan, eggplants are often used in tempura, braised or pickled. They're a perfect ingredient in Thai curry, as they absorb neighboring flavors. And they offer new color and texture to Western cooking, grilled, sauteed, added to soups and stews.

Eggplant is as easy to grow as a tomato, needs rich soil, even moisture, and plenty of sunshine. They grow best in USDA zones 7-11. 80 days.

25 seeds

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