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Lepechinia hastata - Hawaiian Pitcher Sage


Lepechinia hastata is a rare, showy perennial from the mountains of Hawaii. Almost a salvia, it grows 4' tall topped with airy spikes of tiny magenta flowers. It is spectacular and hummingbirds think it's the bomb.

Though native to Hawaii, Pitcher Sage tolerates my desert heat and lean soil and it's equally glorious in cool San Francisco. Hardy in zones 7-11, its range is yet to be explored.

It shoots up 4 feet tall in late summer, giving the garden a blast of of color when everything else is tired and drab. Blooms last for months, then it self-seeds gracefully. I started with one plant and now have a gathering, neatly spaced.

Sow seeds onto a good compost and cover with a thin layer of grit. They can be planted any time of year, but will come up in spring regardless.

10 seeds

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