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Massonia depressa Hedgehog Lily


This odd succulent comes from South Africa. In winter, two broad leaves appear out of nowhere (it's a bulb) and lie almost flat on the ground. Then a shaving brush cluster of white flowers pops up in the center. The flowers are loaded with sugary nectar designed to attract pollinating gerbils. For their convenience, the whole plant grows less than 6" tall.

Massonia grows in sun to light shade, needs gritty soil with good drainage and occasional water. It's a great container plant. Sow the seeds in autumn. They should germinate in two to six weeks, but may take much longer. Don't toss the seed tray. They'll appear eventually.  

Like most South African bulbs, Massonia appear and bloom in winter, then disappear entirely when the weather warms. They're suitable for gardens in zones 9-11, but are most enjoyed as a collector's plant. A pot on a windowsill is perfect.

5 fresh seeds

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