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Medinilla myriantha - Malaysian Orchid


Malaysian Orchid is a spectacular tropical shrub, as showy as anything in the rain forest and a lot easier to grow.

Six feet tall, it's covered with long draping cascades of pink blossoms and purple berries much of the year, startling against lush tropical foliage. A magnificent shrub from the Philippines, it will thrive outdoors in any shaded zone 10 garden and makes a fine houseplant elsewhere.

Medinilla likes bright shade, warmth, and humidity. It's happy outdoors in zone 10, needs rich soil and good drainage. Like bromeliads, it's an epyphite and a surprisingly easy houseplant. It does fine in a container and can remain in the same pot for years. The cascading blooms are wondrous in a hanging basket.

Sow seeds as you would any tropical, pressed into a rich, moist medium and kept warm.

20 seeds

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