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Pacific Coast Iris - Iris douglasiana


Pacific Coast Iris grows wild in the grasslands of California and Oregon. It's vigorous, undemanding, and gorgeous.

In spring, vivid blooms open face up in short stems, bright white, vivid yellow to deep purple. The narrow foliage grows close to the ground, spreading over time to become a hardy ground cover.

Iris douglasiana will thrive in full sun to light shade. It prefers rich soil, tolerates heat and is hardy to 15 degrees. Though drought tolerant, it loves the moist banks of a creek bed, anywhere there's a trickle of water. It's great for under oak trees in Southern California, loves the wide open spaces near the coast.

Soak the seeds for three days, then chill for a month before planting, or plant them outside in fall and let nature do the work.

This is one tough little iris and among the showiest. It spreads generously. You'll soon have a fine spread.

20 seeds


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