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Pretzel Bean - Vigna unguiculata


You've grown beans of all shapes and colors, even some with 3' long pods, but very few people have seen this curly cow pea. The pods spiral and twist around like a pretzel. They're also delicious, productive, healthy and highly entertaining.

Pretzel Bean has been around since 1893 when Mr. Burpee introduced it as a curiosity that he called Ram's Horn. Seeds are now rare, but the plants are easy to grow. They're heat and drought tolerant, thrive in poor soil, don't attract beetles, and are especially great for small gardens. They're natural climbers, easy to train up a trellis and don't take up much space in the garden.

Pretzel Beans are delicious. Young pods make great snap peas, the tender young leaves and shoots are delicious cooked, and mature beans can be dried, soaked and cooked like any black-eyed pea. They have an excellent walnuty flavor and are plenty nutritious.

Grow a few just for giggles, then save some seeds. You're going to want to grow even more next year. 65 days.

15 seeds

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