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Ruttya fruticosa Rabbit Ears - Hummingbird Vine


This spectacular South African vine has extraordinary crimson blooms. They look like tiny hummingbirds with their wings swept back. A shrubby vine (or a vining shrub), it grows over 5' tall and bushy. The red-orange blooms are hummingbird heaven, literally dripping with nectar, and they cover the plant most of the year.

Native to tropical Africa, Ruttya fruticosa is relatively rare, but will thrive in temperate climates. Perennial in zones 8-11, it needs full sun or bright shade, regular water, will tolerate a wide range of soils, even a brief freeze. In cooler climates, it does quite well in a container.

Sow the seeds on the surface warm, moist soil. They need light to germinate, will usually sprout within 10 days at 75* to 80*.

5 seeds

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