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Thai Chef's Garden - 8 authentic spices

$16.75 $24.00

Thai Chef's Garden, 1200 heirloom seeds, 8 authentic ingredients, Thai Pepper, Lemongrass, Ngo Gai, Thai Basil, Galangal, glossy gift box

You love Thai food, but can't find the right spices in Mega Mart? Grow authentic ingredients in your own garden. Here are 8 Thai heirlooms direct from the source.

Thai Pepper Takanotsume - 25 seeds
Yellow Burapa Pepper - 15 seeds
Lemon Grass -50 seeds
Culantro Ngo Gai - 200 seeds
Thai Basil -200 seeds
Lemon Basil - 250 seeds
Garlic Chives -200 seeds
Thai Eggplant - 25 seeds
Rare Galangal - 5 seeds

A $24 value, bargained priced, elegantly gift wrapped, ready to grow. For you or the exotic chef in your life.



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