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The Grand Basil Collection - 8 varieties


For you or your favorite foodie, eight great varieties of your favorite herb mixed together in one package. Your sampler will include:


*Genovese Basil has that rich flavor Italian food is known for.

*Lime Basil is sweet and fragrant with a mild citrus zing.

*Lemon Basil adds sparkle to fish or salads, is great in potpourri.

*Green Globe's plump compact plants are perfect for containers.

*Thai Basil has a unique anise flavor, essential for Thai dishes.

*Cinnamon Basil has purple flowers and wonderful fragrance.

*Licorice Basil is spicy, another important herb for Thai cooking.

*Purple Ruffles is the fanciest plant in the garden.

*Italian Basil has large leaves and rich flavor for sauces and pesto.


You will receive one fat packet of 500 seeds containing all these varieties, a $30 value if packed and purchased separately. These seeds are mixed together. You'll be able to tell them apart when they sprout.

500 seeds

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