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Coral Cascabel - Thevetia neriifolia aurantica


Thevetia is a feathery tree related to Oleander, but it's much prettier and well behaved. Clusters of long slender leaves are lovely year round. It grows to about 15' in most gardens, naturally forms a tree shape, is content in a container. Native to Mexico, it loves heat and needs little water, but is a popular landscaping plant in rainy Hawaii as well.

Cascabel blooms 3" long bells, usually yellow. These particular seeds will produce trees with coral blossoms, lovely and not often seen.

The seeds look like flying saucers, each suspended on a string. Shiny green when immature, they turn glossy red, then black. Inside is a smooth, brown stone, sometimes called a "lucky nut." You'll receive five.

Thevetia is as poisonous as Oleander, but its extremely bitter taste prevents insects (and humans) from even taking a nibble, and it has a strongly emetic effect. Smoke from burning the wood can produce toxic smoke.

Hardy in zones 8-10. Thevetia grows without any water or care here in Los Angeles, though a hard frost might do it in. My seedlings have grown into a fat bush after several years of total neglect. This plant is tough. 

5 chunky seeds

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