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Trevesia palmata - Snowflake Aralia


Snowflake Aralia is a lovely rainforest shrub with a canopy of intricate cut foliage that resembles giant paper snowflakes. The elaborate leaves are two feet across, are nearly white as they emerge, then deepen to green, creating an illusion of intricate layers. This is one gorgeous plant.

Trevesia comes from the shady rain forests of Thailand. It grows 30' in the wild, much smaller in cultivation. Plant it in filtered light, keep it warm and moist. It thrives in dappled sun to full shade and prefers the consistent warmth of zones 9-10. It makes a spectacular houseplant.  

Seeds are extremely rare. Plants only produce seed about once in 5 years. These are fresh from a botanic garden and won't last long. 

Sow seeds on good potting mix and cover with 1/4" vermiculite. Bottom heat is essential. These are seeds for experienced gardeners.

5 rare seeds.

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