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Watsonia densiflora - Sword Lily


Watsonia is a tall showy bloomer from South Africa. (It resembles a gladiolus, but is fragrant, showier, and far less trouble). 5' spikes of fragrant pink trumpets appear each spring, ideal for hummingbirds. They last a good 4 weeks, and are treasured by florists for their long vase life as well as their gorgeousness.

Watsonia loves hot weather, needs little water, isn't fussy about soil. It's so tough that it's used for highway plantings in South Africa, but is elegant enough for a cottage garden.

Perennial in zones 9-10, Watsonia is ideal for climates with hot, dry summers. It goes dormant after blooming and disappears. If you live where the summers are rainy or the winters are cold, plant it in a container. It will be fine.

Watsonia grows easily from seed, will sprout in 3-4 weeks and bloom in 1 - 2 years. The corms multiply generously and you'll soon have enough to share.

25 seeds

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