Purple Top White Seeds
Turnip seeds

Purple Top White Seeds

Turnip seeds are relatively hard to locate compared to Carrot Seeds as they are mainly covered with water. Therefore, the more water there is on the seeds, the more often it will germinate and grow. Also, the timing for growing seeds is quite different from that of other vegetables. Here are few of the ways where Turnip Seeds can be used.

First, you can use small turnips for garnishing on top of salads. For example, instead of using small turnips for garnishing on top of roasted chicken, use full sun or semi-light green vegetables such as green beans, cauliflower, broccoli, and asparagus. This will make the chicken look very beautiful and appetizing. Also, seven top turnips are also great as small turnips to be garnished on top of steamed white rice. This is an excellent way to enjoy a delicious lunch.

Second, you can use small turnips to make small squares of lemony sweet bread or rolls. Just take small turnips and plant them at the back of the pan or on the outer edge next to the drip tray. When the plants sprout a few leaves, immediately remove them and add water to the pan or place it in the oven. You should be able to see the tiny little seeds pop out.

Third, you can use small turnips as an alternative to using edible turnip greens. You can cut the turnips into short lengths and plant them in small holes in your garden. You can plant the seeds in the early spring or late summer. They will still grow well throughout the cool season.

Fourth, you can use the purple top white seeds to make a savory breakfast dish called rapa. Cook the seeds until they pop and sprinkle them liberally on high heat oil. While the rapa is cooking, slowly boil water in a large frying pan over medium heat. Once the rapa is done, add it to your steaming heated vegetables along with any other ingredients you wish to use. Allow the area to cool down and serve.

Fifth, you can eat the seven top turnip at its peak for a delicious full sun meal. It can easily be combined with vegetables and beans. Cover the seeds with water and let sit overnight. In the morning, just drain off the water and fill with cold water. Let sit for another hour before grilling or roasting.

Sixth, you can use small turnips as a great summertime salad. Place small turnips on top of small green leaves. Cover with water and allow them to soak through, then remove them from the water and place on your salad. Serve with lime juice and cucumber slices to help reduce the bitterness.

Seventh, use seven top turnips instead of two small ones and roast them on skewers to make a tasty snack. Place the skewer in a cast iron pan to cook and grill until they are light brown. Serve with vegetables and lemon wedges to eat while they are hot. These easy-to-prepare, colorful greens taste great and will leave your taste buds in heaven.

The final step is to rinse the greens and leave them to drain. Drain any excess water then place them in a strainer. Add enough water so the seeds are barely visible. Add any remaining moisture to the green leaves and grind them to powder form to make your own hakurei turnip seeds.

So, how do you know when to harvest your Turnip plants? Well, one indication that the plant has finished growing is that it stops growing new leaves. If the leaves are still turning then the plant is not done growing. When the leaves to stop growing the plant is done harvesting. You should wait at least two weeks for late summer season Turnip greens to germinate and grow to full size.

When to eat? Rapa sausages are eaten fresh on the edge of a table or hung to dry and enjoy with a salty accompaniment like pickles, onions, or garlic. If you are looking to season your green leaves and add a little spice to your dishes, try using them as a garnish. They make a great addition to rice, noodles, salads, vegetable dishes, and even grilled foods. Try sprinkling some fresh data sausages on top of your greens and main course food to spice things up.

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