Saving Leeks – How To Save Seeds From The Last Frost By Saving Leeks In Winter
Leek seeds

Saving Leeks - How To Save Seeds From The Last Frost By Saving Leeks In Winter

Save Leek Seeds for a quick review of how to save leeks. Then come back to this article for more detailed instructions. For those new to herb gardening, this brief article may make a good introduction. After that, come back for more specific instructions.

The most important part of growing leeks is to remember how to seed them correctly. I can't tell you how many people I have had to destroy precious seeds because they didn't read the instructions or simply didn't know how to do it properly. With these two simple steps, you will be well on your way to consistently getting the most from your efforts. As with any type of gardening, you must keep a paper bag handy to collect the finished seeds. You will also want to make sure your seeds are dampened to the same depth as your potting mix so that the water doesn't wash away the tiny little seeds.

Make sure you have a shallow pan or a large pan filled with very clean water so that you can actually place the seed head in it. You can also use the smallest saucer or bowl you have to accomplish this task. It really depends on how large a seed head you want, just don't fill any smaller than the seed head. If you find that your seed head looks too small, here is another method to go.

With your pot in place and the paper bag over the leeks, gently squeeze the seeds out of the flower head until there is no air left in them. You may have to do this several times before all the seeds are removed. Once the seeds are removed, you can now pour off the little water left over from the flower head into the saucer or small bowl.

To save seeds for planting in early spring, it is important that you do not overwater them. If you do so, the roots will be damaged. The best time for early spring planting is late in the fall or early spring. Some people prefer to plant their seeds in the fall, but there are benefits to early spring planting as well. One thing that has been proven to help with early spring planting is to put a blanket in the ground under your leeks and then carefully cover with the paper bag filled with the seeds.

Next you want to pour the remaining water out of the bags onto your flower bed. The next thing you want to do is to add a little light soil fertilizer. This will help the roots with the development of new root structures. It is also good if you can mist the top of the bag with the same amount of water from the bottom. Continue with this process throughout the season until all of the seeds are gone.

It is possible to store your seeds safely for use in the fall or winter months but when the last frost strikes it is not a good idea to store your seeds in a wet environment. You will have to transfer them to an area that is dry and warm. Seed covers are a great idea to keep your seeds safe. It is also recommended that you use leeks to cover your seeds because they are not very heavy.

When you are trying to get started with seed saving it may be easy to throw away perfectly good leeks that have worked for you before. Remember though that you do want to save seeds from your favorite plants. You want to ensure that you are getting the most out of your planting and gardening experience. Leeks are one of the easiest and best things to use to protect your precious seeds.