Selling Seeds Online Through Onewayshopping

Seeds Onlineshop is an online retailer of seeds and plant-related products. Started in 2021, it is based in Canada and offers a wide range of seeds, not only for cultivation but also for wholesale trade. The company is fully licensed to sell all seeds and plant-related items. Their catalogue includes over one thousand and eight hundred products, which can be browsed online. These include annuals, perennials, bulbs, seasonal, aromatic, culinary, eco-friendly, hardy, exotic, eco-friendly, ornamental, vegetable, fruits, vegetables, spice and specialty seeds.

seeds onlineshop

The company offers quality seeds that are protected and guaranteed as much as twenty years. They have also signed an agreement with the Canadian Pest Control Association, an independent organization that promotes pest control. Their website has a huge catalog of seeds and related products. Other than selling seeds, they also give expert advice about how to grow your plants.

SEDES - This section offers the widest range of seasonal annual seeds. Seasonal varieties like fennel, thyme, chicory, and dill are available year-round. Other perennial seeds like flax, rapeseed, alfalfa and wheat grass are available in autumn. There are also seeds for plants that grow and spread underground - such as radishes, spinach, garlic, and chives. There are also seeds to replace plants that have become extinct - such as the Passenger Pigeon, the Black-eyed Susan, or the Carolina Parakeet.

CUSTOM SEEDS - The company offers custom seeds to order. You can choose from a catalogue of over one thousand different species. They have a large selection of vegetables like green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, carrots, corn, melons, peas, peppers and zucchini. You can also request a specialty seed, like wild rice, red or purple peppers, or a specific plant like a juniper. These are specially ordered by clients, and you may have to pay extra.

Plant SIMPLIFY - If you need to transfer a plant from one location to another, they have a facility called "plant in a bag" service. You put in a plant into a plastic bag, and it is transferred to an office, or to your home without damaging it. It's similar to a big Tupperware box that has a handle. The seeds are in the bottom of the bag. You simply fill up the bag and throw in the plant, and they will take it from there. They also offer refrigerated packaging options if you want the seeds in a controlled environment, like your refrigerator.

E-Books - You can sell e-books online through Onewayshopping. Just use your digital camera to take an image of an item you want to sell, or you can upload an image to an auction website. Once you have it uploaded, it can be listed for auction. This is a great way to turn your hobby into cash.

Become an Affiliate - If you want to sell more products, or just make more money, becoming an affiliate is also a great option. There are websites like ClickBank, where you can sell other people's products. You sign up, and the company takes care of shipping, and marketing. You do not have to worry about inventory, and you only pay if someone makes a sale. It is a very simple process. You also get a link to their site, so you can market your own products.

Seeds online shop is a great site to sell seeds. They give you many options of products to grow. It is really easy to start with this site, and you have access to hundreds of plants from all over the world. Seeds online shop is a great place to sell your first few plants or even to get started in your own garden!