The Best Of Perpetual Spinach Seeds
Perpetual spinach seeds

The Best Of Perpetual Spinach Seeds

When buying culinary vegetables we always look out for something new and interesting to try out. And Perpetual spinach surely qualifies as interesting because of its high nutrient value and the fact that you can grow your own at home! This is an excellent choice for a great deal of dishes because not only does it taste wonderful but it is also cheap to buy. It has plenty of nutrients in one tiny container, which makes it great for anyone on a diet or a vegetarian who wants to avoid meats. Let's take a look at how to cook this superfood.

Kitchen Utensils: Because it does not grow very big, the perennial variety is usually grown by most people. The small red bulbous roots are actually quite hard to see so it is important to get a pair of garden shears to clip them regularly. If you live in an area where you have continuous frost then freezing the roots is a great way to keep them from drying out and losing their colour. You can purchase kits which contain seeds from this variety. Most people use a sharp pair of garden shears to cut them because they are easier to work with than most others.

Cooking: Cooking with Perpetual Spinach Seeds is incredibly easy because the small purple flowers have very little flavour. You can either add them to soups and stews to give them a real colour change or you can use them in a salad or any other dish that calls for a little bit of colour. It is important not to overdo it though because true spinach tends to be quite bitter. Cooking with Perpetual Spinach Seed only takes a matter of seconds to infuse colour into your dishes. Try simmering a carrot in some water with a few drops of this seed and you will have a tasty treat before you know it!

Chard: Chard is another great plant to use with the Perpetual Spine Seed. This versatile root vegetable goes well with both soups and stews, has a delicious flavour and adds a lot of colour. The smaller yellow flowers are used in salads but the larger purple flowers can be added to a wide range of dishes including breads, garlic butter and even chocolate sauce. Like spinach, chard has a natural vitamin A content and you will also find it contains lots of B vitamins as well. Like spinach, it grows easily.

You can buy seeds chard at your local garden centre but if you want to grow true spinach yourself then you can sow perpetual chard in containers and have a continuous supply of fresh greens all year round. Sowing perpetual chard is very easy too since it has a firm resistance to drying. The best time to plant it is in spring just before the first frost. When you sow perpetual chard, you will need to keep it watered until the first frost but not for more than a few days.

Fennel: If you are looking for a seasonal annual that you can grow all year round then Fennel really is a good choice. It is resistant to most insects and also to most diseases and thrives in full sunlight. As garden seeds grow, you will find that each type has its own distinctive smell. Some varieties smell like hay while others smell like fennel.

Fennel is an attractive plant and once you have planted it in your garden, you should be able to see it developing. Planting fennel seeds is not easy because it needs a special weather zone, high moisture and soil that are very alkaline. Once the seeds start to sprout, they are very small so you will need to spend quite some time waiting for them to grow big. Fennel spinach seeds are available in a wide range of colors so there is bound to be one that is to your liking. It can be used to make savory soups and stews or as a filler in the center of salads.

Spun milkweed: This is another perennial seeds chard plant that you might like to try. Like fennel, spun milkweed is a hardy plant that produces a lovely aroma. Spin milkweed seeds are available at most nurseries throughout most of the year. They may have limited quantities so plan to plant them when they are in season. They are very easy to grow and yield a rich, thick, dark green leaf salad with delicious canned spinach dip.